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Benaiah is already with us. He is so precious boy.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

7 Weeks' Baby

 Rudy Tejalaksana, M.K.

We know for sure, that God is the creator of everything. Thinking about HIS works makes me realize how great is our God. Today, I would like to share about my 7 weeks' baby.

At 7th weeks, the size has double since last week (about13 mm / half an inch long). His / her hands and feets are developed by God. They are so tiny, looks like holding something so tight... ready to grow more everyday. The baby has a small tail, that will be getting smaller everyday. The small tail will be a tailbone after all process.

embryo 5 weeksTHE MOUTH: The mouth is getting perfect. So tiny but a powerful weapon to spread HIS love and hope to all in later days...

THE EYES: The baby's eyes are already have some colors. God is forming the eyes and cover them with safe eyelid. Lenses of the eyes appear. The baby is still can't see anything, but we know for sure that God sees him / her, focusing HIS eyes on this new creature. God is doing HIS plan in this new beautiful little one.
THE EARS: The inner ears are growing according to HIS plan. A pairs of ears to listen to HIM and to all in needs. The ears of a servant are being formed so wonderfully.

THE BRAIN: The hemispheres of the brain are growing and making the baby looks so beautiful. Brain is growing well - Did you know that over the course of the remaining months that your baby's brain will develop over 100 billion neurons? This is just the beginning of HIS works .The oval size of the head makes the baby looks like a giant thinker. Is he/ she thinking about God ? Thinking about how wonderful is his/ her creator ? Thinking about us, his / her papa and mama ? I don't know for sure. One think I know, the baby is growing..... growing.... perfectly according to HIS plan. 

THE INNER PARTS: the heart was beating regularly while the heart is being divided  into couple rooms with Great wall. liver, appendix, pancreas, spleen, and kidneys are being formed by God so wonderfully. The tyroid gland is being formed. The inner parts start to work with their simple ways. They work interchangeable because some of the inner parts are still growing. for example, the liver has to churning out red blood cells until the bone marrow forms and take over the job. God thinks so thoroughly about HIS creation. Everything is so well-prepared, well-managed. Digestion organs are being prepared. The Insulin hormone starts being produced by pancreas to prepare the baby to have his / her own digestion process in mother's womb. The intestines start to carry the oxygent and food to whole body. 

Every parts are so tiny, that we can't catch by our bare eyes. God can see them all. HIS hand is ready to hold, help, and handle all parts with love, care, and joy. We can feel how God is doing all this with HIS joyful heart. God loves to do it. God loves to guard and care for HIS creation. God loves to do it to you too. What ever our conditions, God is still care, and working on you. So... be joyful... He made you and I so details, nothing of them miss from HIS eyes.... HE KNOWS EVERYTHING......

In love with The All-knowing Creator,

Rudy and Merry Tejalaksana
(His shelter Community)

Ps. Some informations and pictures are being taken from some sources :

Friday, March 19, 2010

Six Weeks' Baby

Rudy Tejalaksana, M.K.

These couple days, I'm learning about 6 weeks baby. How the baby looks like now ? What has happened in the his / her physical development ? Can he / she give response to what I or my wife's action to him / her ? It's so amazing to understand that God is behind all these questions ? God is the creator. He is behind this amazing life. So, If you want to understand life, you have to turn to God and find the answers in HIM. 

At 6 weeks, the baby grows so wonderfully. The nose, mouth, and ears, are beginning to take shape and start to develop. from the Vaginal Ultrasonogram, we can see the dark oval spot on the USG's screen. It's the uterus. Inside the uterus, the baby start to grow. The big head, the tiny arms and legs are trying to reach the world and say that "I am alive". When I visit the doctor (dr. Iwan Djuanda, Sp.OG), I could see my baby's heart beating. The heart has been formed and start to work hard during life time span. The heart is beating faster than mine. The doctor said that The baby's heart beats almost twice as fast as adults' heart beat. The baby needs the fast heart beat to pull blood as much as possibe to all over the body. The blood is beginning to cource through the body to produce all inner and outer parts of the body, making muscles, bones, and most of all, the brain. How great is our GOD. Who moves the heart and instruct it to beat ? GOD does it. God makes all the move in our body to help us to recognize HIS power. At very young ages, 6 weeks, God prepares all creatures to Worsip and praise HIM with our mouth. God prepares our ears to become a listeners to HIS words, HIS love. To be a compassionate listeners to all in needs. The most important things is God prepares a heart, that tells us about HIS heart, HIS love, HIS compassion, HIS plans, and HIS purpose in our life. GOD prepares a everlasting life since the baby is in the mother's womb. God is a - perfect planner - for all human kind. GOD IS GREAT !!!!!

In love with the CREATOR,
Rudy and Merry Tejalaksana

(PS. the pics are taken from

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Precious Child - The best gift from GOD

Surabaya. I have the best present for my 33rd birthday. can you mention what it is ? It's a great news that I am going to be a FATHER. Wow.... it's so great. For years, I have been serving so many children, but now, I will have my own child. I will serve my own child. Yesterday, I took my wife to a Obstetric and genecology doctor. Her name is Doctor Maurin. And we could see a great picture, the first picture of my child. It was so great. My eyes was full of tears, it was so amazing. I could see a six weeks baby in my beloved wife's body. WOW... God is great. God is wonderful. Dr. Maurin explained about things that we should do to provide the best enviroment for the baby to grow wonderfully. 
Merry, my wife said she still didn't believe that she got pregnant. She couldn't say anything except "God is awesome". Yes, God is awesome. We are HIS witnesses. He is awesome. Then, God reminded me about HIS words at the beginning of 2010. HE said "Don't be afraid, You are my witnesses and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am HE". Today, I can witness to you all that He is the Lord. The greatest ever. The hand that created us. The wonderful God that gave HIS life for us. 

Then We went home. I couldn't wait to see what's happened to a 6th weeks baby. I was amazed. hey, My baby has great head, 2 hands, fingers, eyes, and tiny feets. everything was so tiny. my grace baby is only 1,03 cm long. But I could see with my heart, God will use this head, hands, eyes, feets, and all other organ to share HIS love. That night, Merry and I prayed together. We were thanking God for HIS love for both of us. I smiled so wide, when Merry mention in her prayer " Lord God, Three of us want to give great thanks to YOU". THREE OF US...... God is awesome....

In Love with the CREATOR,
Rudy and Merry Tejalaksana

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